Opinion – Don’t trust Iran

As a Polish Jew and a Holocaust survivor, I am outraged with the Administration for the way they have handled the Iranian situation. How can a country like the United States be so naïve by trusting Iran, relying on a signature on a piece of paper?

It brings back memories of 1938 when Mr. Chamberlain came back from Germany and he showed the world a piece of paper with Hitler’s signature. We all know what that piece of paper was worth. He gave up the Sudetenland for peace. And what happened a year later? Hitler invaded Poland and the Second World War started.

I hope history doesn’t repeat itself. I’d like to ask our president: How can you trust a country that seeks to destroy the state of Israel and denies that the Holocaust ever happened? If the current leaders of Iran had been in Auschwitz and Dachau, I wonder if they would still deny the Holocaust.

Mr. Chamberlain of Great Britain made the mistake of giving up part of Czechoslovakia to Hitler. President Roosevelt made a mistake by not going to war in 1939 together with Great Britain and France, along with Stalin.

Mr. President, don’t make the same mistake as those leaders made who trusted Hitler. It took Hitler only six years to build an arsenal of weapons to conquer Europe and his plans for a Thousand Year Reich, and he almost succeeded. Mr. President, don’t make the same mistake as our previous leaders made — it might be too late. Don’t trust Iran.

— Sam Heider, Dayton

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